Although the winter climate is cooler at around 10°C / 50°F, it still feels pleasant and from February onwards, temperatures start to rise sharply. Many people choose to visit out of season, when Assisi is noticeably quieter and the weather still quite reasonable. Others enjoy the atmosphere and excitement created by the summer crowds, and the subsequent festivities, such as Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica), which is held each year across Italy at the beginning of June.

August can be a very busy month in Assisi, particular at the time of Italy's Feast of the Assumption (Assunzione / Ferragosto) on 15th August. Autumn is another recommended time to visit Assisi, when the weather is again quite favorable, and the throng of the tourists starts to lessen. The October climate sees temperatures averaging 20°C / 68°F, dropping to around 14°C / 57°F by day in November.